8/19/16 UPDATE – Jonathan Proby A.K.A RawTheory Announced

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Born and raised in Los Angeles,  from the rough realities of South Central and Inglewood to the media centers of Sherman Oaks and Universal City, the roots of an artist were formed. Jonathan has grasped the reins of his relentless spiritual and political evolution and delivered the artistic zeitgeist of our modern tumultuous era.game-of-souls-promo-shot

RawTheory weaves a tapestry of occult insights and socio-political commentary that forces its will onto the viewer. Layers of meaning flash before the mind’s eye and only those with a passion for the multi-dimensional will penetrate them all.

He recognizes that Truth is rarely pleasant, but in its scorching light, the detritus of delusion and fear can burn away and help us forge a future where genuine creativity is valued, where we can make American Art and Culture great again.


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