Let’s Win the Culture War

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After the first public premiere and success of my “#Twinks4Trump” photo series at the RNC, progressives got me fired. Let’s see what they do when we throw a full-scale MASSIVE premiere and art party!

Naturally, I refuse to stop. I can’t. Free speech matters. Not that I mind social attacks, but there’s a problem when those attacks carry over to my ability, or anyone who does not tow the line or fit the code, to earn a living.

Despite the first portion of the show being written up about in everything from Rolling Stone to a vast array of international art publications; unfortunately, art doesn’t pay that well.

Andrew Breitbart always said that “politics is downstream from culture.” #DaddyWillSaveUs is here to beg the question: can we thrust the conservative movement into the center of international art and culture? Can we show that our ‘basket of deplorables’ is better in every way than the ‘basket of pantsuits’ on the left.

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